Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Windows 8.1: Enabling file history

Scheduling backups

Right click the start menu and select “Control Panel”

Click on
“System and Security”

Click on
“Save backup copies of your files with File History”

“Advanced Settings”

Click an appropriate time frequency
Cache size
And version lifetime

Then click
“Save changes”

Now Click Turn on
To enable File History Backups

You have now enabled File History

Windows 8.1: Disk cleanup

Running Disk Cleanup

Click on file explorer

Right Click the drive you wish to clean up and click “Properties”

Click on
“Disk Cleanup”

Check the Folders you wish to clean and then click “Clean up system files”

A progress bar will show the clean-up progress

Click “OK”

Disk Cleanup is now complete, and you should have regained some HDD space

Windows 8.1: Configuring the speed of the mouse cursor

This controls how fast you can get to a graphic user object to interact

Right Click the start menu and select “Control Panel”

Click on “View devices and printers”

Right click on the mouse icon and select
”Mouse Settings”

Click Pointer options

Now slide the Mouse pointer speed To the left or right to adjust the speed

Click “OK” when you are satisfied with the speed

You Have successfully changed your mouse pointer speed

Windows 8.1: Configuring power management

How to configure Power management in windows 8.1

Right click start menu and click “Power Options”

“Choose when to turn off the display”

Set Turn of display and Computer sleep time
To an appropriate value

Click “Save changes” to apply

“Choose what the Power buttons do”

To change all the settings –
Click “change settings that are currently unavailable”

Change settings to a value appropriate to you

Click “Save changes” to apply

Configuration is now complete