Monday, 26 August 2013

How to get NTFS on your GH5930 DSE Set top box - Firmware

I was very annoyed about the lack of NTFS support for USB drives on the DSE GH5930 set top box for PVR function.

When I discovered the board was identical to my DGTEC  DG-5370 I decided to gamble
the Xoro HTR 7500 firmware that has NTFS Support that I'd previously used on my DGTEC to enable PVR and playback.

It worked without an issue! 


DSE - GH5930                                                                              DGTEC  DG-5370

Instructions to unlock NTFS:

  1. Download the firmware   -  Xoro Firmware Link
  2. Uncompress and load to your USB disk
  3. Boot up Set top box and insert the USB disk
  4. Click menu on remote, then USB > Media Player > Music from the menu
  5. Select  "MTC_MSD7828_DH2836.AP" from the list
  6. Warning - Do Not Turn Off! Set top box will reset and automatically load the firmware
  7. When the Set top box says 100% - power cycle the device
  8. Congratulations!  Once you rescan for channels you can record and play from NTFS disks!

 Thanks for visiting and enjoy!