Monday, 26 August 2013

How to get NTFS on your GH5930 DSE Set top box - Firmware

I was very annoyed about the lack of NTFS support for USB drives on the DSE GH5930 set top box for PVR function.

When I discovered the board was identical to my DGTEC  DG-5370 I decided to gamble
the Xoro HTR 7500 firmware that has NTFS Support that I'd previously used on my DGTEC to enable PVR and playback.

It worked without an issue! 


DSE - GH5930                                                                              DGTEC  DG-5370

Instructions to unlock NTFS:

  1. Download the firmware   -  Xoro Firmware Link
  2. Uncompress and load to your USB disk
  3. Boot up Set top box and insert the USB disk
  4. Click menu on remote, then USB > Media Player > Music from the menu
  5. Select  "MTC_MSD7828_DH2836.AP" from the list
  6. Warning - Do Not Turn Off! Set top box will reset and automatically load the firmware
  7. When the Set top box says 100% - power cycle the device
  8. Congratulations!  Once you rescan for channels you can record and play from NTFS disks!

 Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


  1. I use my GH5930 DSE Set top box via component output at 576p (PAL). It seems no matter how I set the output now, it doesn't work with my old TV any more. I wanted to upgrade because MP4 playback eventually goes out of sync (audio/video). Now it only plays back via composite output and the picture quality is crap. My TV doesn't have HDMI...

  2. DSE GH5930 firmware download here!

  3. My set top box doesn't see the .AP file :( I've tried looking in music, photos, videos and PVR. My model is the DGTEC DG-HD0910 (which is the same as the DSE GH5930 according to the wikipedia page). Is there any other file extension I could change the firmware update to?